Ice Logos – What options are available?

Important things to consider when choosing a Company to produce your Ice Logos: Not all Ice Logos are created equal!

So it is time for you to put in a new sheet of ice for your rink. How do you decide who you should trust to produce your ice logos?

DDI Signs® has been providing digital in-ice logos and under ice logos for over 20 years. We are not just a printer we actually install ice logos.

There are many sign companies and print brokers that will tell you that they can create ice logos for less than a company that specializes in Ice Logos. Keep in mind that these companies in many cases have not tested the materials or the printing process used to see if they actually work, they are just guessing what materials will work.

We get calls from hockey teams, rinks, and print providers every week because they choose to use so-called “ice logo” products printed with untested ink, that failed when installed and want to know what they did wrong.

  • Only put ice logos in your rink that have been tested and proven to work. The last thing you need is to have to redo the ice after a failed install.
  • It is also critical that you use an ice technician that has experience using ice logo products.

Ice Stencils for Hand Painting Ice Logos and Ice Rink Graphics

Ice Logo Stencil Process for Making and Installing Logos
  1. Logo file supplied must be an Adobe Illustrator Vector line file .ai or .eps (NOTE: can not use bitmaps)
  2. An outline of the ice logo is printed on high-quality paper with a grid for alignment.
  3. The ice stencil is perforated with an electronic pounce machine. This burns tiny holes into the paper and creates an outline of the logo.
  4. Larger logos are printed in panels. Panels are taped together for installation.
  5. At the rink, the Ice Stencil is placed in position and lightly tacked down the corners.
  6. Then you take a Pounce Chalk Bag and tap the pattern where the perforations are.
  7. Carefully lift the pattern off and it leaves a chalk outline.
  8. Hand paint the ice logos and graphics.


Printed In Ice Logo Mesh Graphics – IceFab® Mesh Ice Logos


Printed In Ice Logo Fabric Graphics – IceFab® Fabric Ice Logos

Nationwide Shipping

We Understand Deadlines.

We understand the tight deadlines that the industry faces and have proven that we can stand up to the challenge. We offer quick turnaround with reliable Nationwide Shipping.

We ship our Banner Stands Nationwide.

  • ships Ice Logos Nationwide from the East Coast to the West Coast. USA and Canada. We regularly ship to New York NYC, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Chicago Illinois , Dallas Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, Seattle Washington, Alaska, Los Angeles California and anywhere in between.

DDI Signs® is a leader in the Ice Rink Industry providing innovative, creative, and original solutions that are designed and manufactured to meet the specialty needs of ice rink professionals. DDI Signs® has been providing digital in-ice logos and under ice logos for over 20 years. Our ice rink products are preferred by ice maintenance professionals worldwide.

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