Outdoor Floor Graphics & Sidewalk Decals

Custom Digitally Printed Outdoor Floor Graphics

DDI Signs ® has been providing premium quality floor graphic and decals for over 30 years. Our outdoor floor graphics are large format digitally printed and can be custom cut to any shape.

Our Outdoor Floor Graphics are used for Sidewalk Decals , Street Graphics,  Pavement Decal, Asphalt Decal. Unique advertising for special events!

DDI Signs ® – Your Digitally Printed Sign Specialist!

Outdoor Floor Graphics Decal that are removable

DDI Signs ® Custom Digitally Printed Sidewalk Floor Graphics – Street Graphics – Sidewalk Decal – Pavement Decal – Asphalt Decal – Outdoor Floor Graphics.

Outdoor Floor Graphics Ultimate Floor Graphic AF
Street Graphics Outdoor Floor Graphics
Wayfinding Floor Graphics DDI Signs Outdoor Floor Graphics

DDI Signs ® now offers Custom Digitally Printed Sidewalk Floor Graphics. Decals are 3.4 Mil Vinyl with a 5 Mil UL rated over laminate. Our Street Graphics have an aggressive adhesive that adheres to sidewalks, streets and some wall surface. Up to 3 months of exterior life. For larger decals, panels are tiled in up to 52″ in width.


  • Premium Quality Adhesive Vinyl.
  • UL Approved Slip Resistant Over Laminate.
  • Digitally Printed – Vivid Colors – Vibrant Floor Graphics.
  • High Resolution – Photographic Quality Images.
  • No Color Limitation – Full Color Digitally Printed.
  • Custom Cut to Shapes – Contour Cut, Die Cut to any shape.
  • Easy to Install – Applies to Variety of Surfaces.
  • No Limit on Quantities or Size.
  • Larger Floor Decals are Tiled in Panels for installing in sections.
  • Perfect for Wayfinding Sign and Directional Applications

If you need a more durable Eco-friendly outdoor floor graphic solution, check out our Aluminum Foil based decals >

Below is a photo of this material. A university used this design to alert students that are texting to look up and pay attention. They can be contour cut like our other floor graphics. Easy to install and remove. Best of all they can be recycled.

Walk Safe Heads Up Outdoor Floor Graphics Decal

Pantone Color Matching

We match to your Pantone Colors to ensure your branding is consistent. For an additional fee, we can provide printed samples of the material your project will be produced for color matching. This ensures it is printed correctly the first time.

Click here to see our Submit Files page for complete file guidelines.

  • We prefer VECTOR files – Adobe Illustrator Ai, EPS or Corel Draw.
  • All File Must Be Submitted in CMYK.
  • Pantone Colors Must Be Indicated for Color Matching.
  • All files must have fonts converted to outlines.
  • For an additional fee, Printed Samples for color proofing.

Other Floor Graphic Options

Vinyl Adhesive Floor Graphics with a UL approved non-slip protective over-laminate and Special Outdoor Foil Based Floor Graphics.

Floor Graphics are an innovative way to get your customers attention, direct attendees to a special event or advertise your brand. Floor Graphics  have been proven to increase sales in retail applications.

What is so special about the Floor Graphics that are available from DDI Signs®?

There is a special floor decal for different floor types.

  • Carpet Decals – Have a special formulated high tack adhesive that adheres to low pile carpeting, yet leaves little or no glue residue when removed. A Protective Overlaminate that is UL approved non-slip.
  • Outdoor Floor Graphics – These are floor graphic decals that have an adhesive that sticks to concrete and sidewalks. A Protective Overlaminate that is UL approved non-slip.

What are Floor Graphics used for?

  • Retail Floor Graphics uses for Special Events, Promoting a Brand,  or Advertising a product.
  • Wayfinding Floor Graphics to direct people to an event, direct traffic or spotlight and area. One example of this is our popular Foot Print Floor Graphics.
  • Sports Flooring Logos and Ads – We specialize in Basketball Floor Graphics. Sponsor ads on the sideline or a logo at center court for a tournament.
  • Floor Wraps – Museums and other retail uses. Cover a large area with our floor graphics to create a unique exhibit or display.
Outdoor Floor Graphics DDI Signs

Available Floor Graphics Material

White Floor Graphics with Removable Adhesive
This is our most popular floor graphic material. 3 Mil specially formulated adhesive vinyl made to adhere to smooth flooring.  UL approved non-slip over laminate. We contour cut to virtually any shape for unique floor ads.

Clear Floor Graphics with Removable Adhesive
3 Mil specially formulated adhesive vinyl made to adhere to smooth flooring.  UL approved non-slip over laminate. Can be cut to virtually any shape. NOTE: Clear decals have a somewhat transparent look when printed.

White Carpet Floor Graphics with High Tack Adhesive
3 Mil specially formulated adhesive vinyl made to adhere to low pile carpeting.  UL approved non-slip over laminate. We contour cut to virtually any shape for unique carpet ads. More Info…

White Outdoor Floor Graphics with Special Adhesive
Specially formulated decal that adheres to asphalt and concrete. Used for special event graphics.  More Info…

Ultimate Floor Graphics AF
White specially formulated decal that has an Aluminum Foil Base and adheres to brick, asphalt, tile and rough concrete. Innovative top coat for slip resistant surface. Used for special event graphics. NOTE: To remove simply pull up from the corner. AF formula holds together for easy removal. More Info…