What is a Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner?

“Step and Repeat” pattern is the duplication, staggered spacing and arrangement of logos, text or objects. The design can be produced using just one logo or several logos and or objects that create a “Step and Repeat” pattern on a Backrop Banner. Graphic designers use this process to align logos, objects, and copy in an attractive manner for signage and branding purposes by creating a wall of logos.

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Our Repeatz™ brand step and repeat backdrops and back walls are designed specifically for media, photographic, television and retail events. Our step and repeat banners and wall graphics are displayed behind the area where a group or person walks, stands or sits in front of the display to have their photo taken or to give a television interview.

The logos and graphics are prominently visible behind the person creating a logo or brand background. Examples of uses for step and repeat printing are musical group events, corporate media events, trade shows, tv interviews, conference backwalls, political speeches, sports team press conferences and during special events where a red carpet walkway is set up for paparazzi photo ops.

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Why choose us for your Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner?

Repeatz by DDI Signs Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner for Media Events and Trade Shows

Experience and Knowledge

There are plenty of businesses that provide “step and repeat” banners and it seems like every day a new Step and Repeat business pops up online. We are one of the first companies to offer Repeated Logo Backdrop Banners, so you can rely on our experience to provide you with the best quality displays available and professional original designs.

We have over 30 years experience in the Sign Business and Display Industry and we are extremely knowledgeable in the proper materials and hardware that should be used for your step and repeat backdrop. We stay up to date on the latest in materials, technology, software, hardware and equipment so you get the best in the industry when you choose us.

Repeatz by DDI Signs Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner for Police Department Media Events

Understand Deadlines – Nationwide Shipping

We understand the tight deadlines that the industry faces and have proven that we can stand up to the challenge. We can offer quick reliable shipping Nationwide. We ship Nationwide East Coast to the West Coast. New York NY, Washington DC, Los Angeles California and anywhere in between.

There are rare cases when we can not produce your project by your deadline, we will be upfront with you and tell you we can produce it, we will not lead you on just to get the sale. We ship FedEx and FedEx Freight. If desired we can ship using your FedEx or UPS account.

Repeatz Brand by DDI Signs Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner for Musicians and Stage Events

Premium Quality Products – Made in the USA!

Repeatz™ brand step and repeat media backdrops are custom made and produced using only high-quality materials and display hardware that is manufactured in the United States. We care about the way your brand and image is projected after all that reflects on our business. We test all of our hardware and materials for quality.

Unlike our competitors, we are not going to sell you a banner and banner stand that is only meant for indoor use for an outdoor display. Or a banner stand that you can not even use once because it is made from cheap materials.

Affordable Pricing – No Gimmicks or Hidden Charges

We firmly believe in the saying “You get what you pay for!”

This is why we offer several affordable options and alternatives to fit your budget. We offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. You can always find a cheaper price elsewhere, but remember we do not cut corners and we do not sacrifice quality or offer inferior products.

We do not put out ridiculous offers to lure you to our website. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a creative and original designs and products.

We digitally print in full color so there are no color limitations and we do not have a limit on the number of logos you use in your step and repeat backdrop banner. Other companies charge extra for more than one color or if you have more than two logos.

Repeatz Brand by DDI Signs Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner Personalized for 40th Birthday Party

Professional Design Services – Original Designs

Our graphic designers have over 25 years of experience designing logos and sign designs. We know the proper way to display your brand or logo on step and repeat backdrop banner displays to offer maximum exposure.

If you provide your own files we will tell you if the files submitted are not good enough quality, we want your step and repeat banner to look perfect. We provide a proof for approval before anything is printed.

Unique Display Solutions

There is not just one way to produce a step and repeat media backdrop. We offer several unique solutions for your press conference and special events needs. We will continue to look at new and innovative ways to emphasize your brand. We are not limited to one or two kinds of displays, why should you be? If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, email us and we will do our best to find it.

Who Purchases Our Quality Displays

The corporate, retail, schools, sports teams, small business, media, television, event and film industries have depended on us to provide them with premium quality step and repeat backdrop banner media display solutions.

Our Premium Quality Step and Repeat Backdrop Banners can be used for:

  • Event Backdrop Banner
  • Press Conferences
  • Step and Repeat Banner
  • Media Backdrop
  • Retail POP Banner
  • Media Back Wall
  • Trade Show Back Wall
  • Interview Backdrop
  • Media Banner & Displays
  • Music & Concert Shows
  • Parties & Corporate Events
  • Press Release Photos
  • Graphic Back Wall
  • Paparazzi Backdrops
  • Press Backdrop
  • Stage Backdrops
  • Photo Op’s
  • Athlete Head Shots
  • Concerts
  • Band Banners
  • Retail promotions
  • Event Walls
  • Film Festivals
  • Movie Premiers
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Charity Events
  • Sports Press Conferences
  • Sporting Events
  • Red Carpet Backdrops
  • Celebrity Photo Backdrops
  • Book Signings
  • and Much More!

Our Custom Step and Repeat Banners are used by:

  • Sports Teams
  • Musicians and Bands
  • Universities and Colleges
  • High Schools
  • Sports Arenas and Venues
  • Theater and Stage Companies
  • Restaurants and Food Industry
  • Wine and Spirits Industry
  • Casinos and Gaming
  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Celebrity Press Interview
  • Municipalities and Government
  • Corporations and Business
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Record and Music Industry
  • Movie Companies
  • Television Shows
  • Retail Stores and Shops
  • Special Event Industry
  • Marketing and Ad Agencies

DDI specializes in providing  premium quality “step and repeats” displays for Movie and Television Industry, Universities, Musicians and Bands, Corporations, Sports Teams, Event Companies, Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. Our custom step and repeat graphics offer a unique way to promote your company logo and spotlight your brand.

Attention to Details


We offer proper finishing for your display depending on your stand. Some companies cut corners by selling all of their banners clean cut. We take the extra step of providing your banner with the proper pole pockets, hems, hook, and loop, or grommets if needed for a professional looking display. We also take the extra measure of applying a low glare liquid matte over laminate. Our banners are shipped rolled not folded. Our Poplin Fabric banners are made with a premium quality fabric that provides vibrant colors.


Our telescoping step and repeat displays are adjustable so they can be used to display several sizes of banners. MADE IN THE USA.


We use the same attention to detail that we do with our step and repeat banners to all of the other products we offer.

Repeatz™ graphics offer a unique way to display and spotlight your brand.