Original IceFab ® fabric ice logos are easy to install and are reusable. No need for Ice Paint or Ice Stencils.

Don’t settle for low quality, single use knock offs of Ice Fab® Fabric ice logo rink graphics – Buy Direct!

Original IceFab® Fabric ice logos are a cost effective proprietary solution to time consuming ice surface logo painting. Our Textile Logos are removable and reusable. Perfect for use on Curling, Hockey and Ice Rinks for in ice logo graphics and under ice advertising.

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IceFab ® Fabric Ice Logos

Original IceFab ® Fabric Reusable Under Ice Ads and Ice Rink graphics. No need for Ice Paint or Ice Stencil!

DDI Signs® developed IceFab® Fabric Logos over 30 years ago. As ice logo installers we needed a time-saving solution that was cost effective. IceFab® Fabric Ice Logos have been tested and proven to work year after year. Our fabric ice logos are preferred by Professional Hockey Teams, Curling Rinks, and Ice Rink Installers.

Proven Innovation

Many print providers claim to be able to provide IceFab® Fabric Ice Logos, often at a lower cost. Why should you risk an install failure which could end up costing thousands of dollars to repair? Our Ice Logos are proven to work.

DDI Signs IceFab In Ice Logo for Ice Skating Rink - Fabric Ice Logos

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IceFab® Fabric Ice Logos are only available from DDI Signs®. If you are looking for a high quality, professional in ice logo then IceFab ® Fabric is for you.


Fabric Ice Logos IceFab close up folded Fabric Ice Logos IceFab


Key features why Ice Rink Professionals prefer Original IceFab ® Fabric Ice Logos:

  • REUSABLE Fabric Ice Logos.
  • Saves hours of labor.
  • Cost effective – eliminates ice paint & ice stencils.
  • Easy to install – instructions included.
  • Absorbent fabric, becomes semi-transparent when wet.
  • Blends into the white ice paint base color.
  • Tear and crease resistant fabric.
  • Thin ice media that forms to the ice surface.
  • Re-positional and reusable..
  • Superior photographic image detail.
  • Vibrant colors and no color limitations.
  • Detailed fades and image effects that can not be painted.
  • Digitally printed ink-jet ice fabric.

Original IceFab ® Fabric Ice Logos are only available from DDI Signs®.

Do not settle for cheap knockoffs made from inferior fabric. At DDI Signs ® we take pride in the way your rink looks and will continue to look at new and innovative ways to save ice rinks and arenas money and time. Also, we spent years researching and developing our product, resulting in the best fabric ice graphic available.

We ship our Fabric Ice Logos Nationwide

We Understand Deadlines.

The ice rink industry faces tough deadlines and we have proven that we can stand up to the challenge. Offering quick turnaround with reliable Nationwide Shipping.

“Making Your Visions Come To Ice”™

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Original IceFab® Fabric ice rink mesh logos have been proven to be the best quality, extremely durable,and reusable ice logo available.

IceFab® Fabric eliminates the need to purchase ice paint and ice stencils for installing ice logos. Most notably saves hours of intensive and costly labor. Our arena ice logos are easy to install and remove. Finally, an IceFab® Fabric center ice logo can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

Original IceFab® Fabric is printed using a specially manufactured fabric material.

DDI Signs IceFab In Ice Logo for Hockey Rink 1 DDI Signs IceFab In Ice Logo for Hockey Rink 2 DDI Signs IceFab In Ice Logo for Hockey Rink DDI Signs IceFab In Ice Logo for Ice Skating Rink


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