Why choose DDI Signs for your Step and Repeat Banners?

We have been providing our Repeatz Brand Professional Step and Repeat Banners for over 30 years!

So, you may be wondering “What is a Step and Repeat?” Step and Repeat Banners are large backdrops that have logos or copy repeated across the banner.

Sometimes the copy or logos are in rows, other times they are staggered on the imprinted fabric or vinyl backdrop. Designs typically use just one logo repeated or can be complex layouts with several logos. This creates a backwall marked with branding that is prominently displayed at media events, meet & greets, and trade shows.

So, what sets our Step and Repeat Banners apart from the competition?

We Are Not Your Typical Sign Company!

There are plenty of businesses that provide step and repeat banners, and it seems like every day a new one pops up online. However, DDI Signs has been providing Repeatz media backdrop banners for over 30 years! Because of this, you can rely on our experience and knowledge to provide the best quality displays available. Additionally, our graphic designers are pros at creating unique and original designs.

We Understand Deadlines and offer Nationwide Shipping.

We understand that you may have a tight deadline, and we have proven that we can stand up to the challenge. Additionally, we can offer quick reliable shipping nationwide of our step and repeat packages using FedEx and UPS.

Affordably Priced, Premium Quality Products.

From our high-quality hardware to our banner materials, you get the best. We care about the way your brand and image are projected. After all that reflects on our business. We test all of our hardware and materials for quality before offering them for sale.

Light Blocking Fabric and Vinyl.

Our fabric and vinyl materials are available in light block out when you need the protection from back lighting thru the banner.

Professional Design Services and Original Designs.

Our graphic designers have years of experience designing step and repeats. Also, we know the proper way to display your brand or logo on your media backdrop that offers maximum exposure.

If you provide your own files, we will tell you if the files submitted are not good enough quality, we want your step and repeat banner to look perfect. We provide an email proof for approval before anything is printed.

Unique Display Solutions

There is not just one way to produce a step and repeat media backdrop. Proudly, we offer several unique solutions for your press conference and special event’s needs from Fabric Flat Walls with Zipper Banners, Pop Up Backdrops with Velcro and Telescopic Stands for Pole Pocket Banners. Moreover, we will continue to look at new and innovative ways to emphasize your brand.

Our Step and Repeat Banner Options