Reusable Digitally Printed Ice Logo Stencils and Sports Logo Stencils.

DDI Signs ® custom paper pounce ice logo stencils are preferred by professional installers worldwide.

These high quality patterns are used for hand painting Center Ice Logos, In Ice Logo Advertising and Sponsor Ice Logos.

Our ice stencils are reusable and affordable. We print our ice logo stencils with a grid for easy alignment.


Ice logo stencil for painting on rinks ice surface
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Ice Logo Stencils | Paper Pounce Patterns

DDI Signs ® Reusable Digitally Printed Ice Logo Stencils and Sports Logo Stencils. Ice logo stencils and paper pounce patterns for painting team sports logos on multi surfaces. Reusable paper pounce patterns.

Ice Stencil Paper Pounce Pattern

DDI Signs ® has years of experience in the design, production and installation of in-ice logos and sports logos. We offer the most comprehensive line of ice painting products including ink-jet ice stencils for hand-painted logos. We use the latest technologies and equipment to provide you with the cleanest and sharpest paper pounce patterns available.

We DO NOT use cheap Brown Kraft paper like our competitors!

  • DDI Signs ® custom in-ice digital stencils are premium paper pounce patterns that are reusable and made from a high quality pounce paper.
  • Available in 60″ wide with tiled panels for larger logos.
  • Our stencils are ink-jet digitally printed and we take the extra step to print a grid that helps you easily align larger logos that are drawn in panels.
  • Our paper patterns and ice stencils come with a full-color print out to aid in painting and we provide a to-scale layout for approval before printing.
  • Our Ice Stencils include a chalk bag for easy transfer of the logo image to the surface that is going to be painted. Logo and layout design services are available if needed.

Ice Logo Stencils Paper Pounce Patterns

Who trusts our high-quality ice logo stencils to be used in their rink?

Our ice logo stencils and ice logo pounce patterns are used by Professional and Minor League Hockey Teams, Ice Skating Rinks, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Community Ice Rinks, Sports Complexes, Arenas, Portable Ice Rinks, Outdoor Ice Rinks, Seasonal Ice Rinks, Shopping Mall Ice Rinks, Fitness Centers and Recreational Facilities.

Nationwide Shipping

We Understand Deadlines.

We understand the tight deadlines that the ice rink industry faces and have proven that we can stand up to the challenge. We offer quick turnaround with reliable Nationwide Shipping.

We ship our ice logo stencils Nationwide.

  • ships Ice Logos Nationwide from the East Coast to the West Coast. USA and Canada. We regularly ship to New York NYC, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Chicago Illinois , Dallas Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, Seattle Washington, Alaska, Los Angeles California and anywhere in between.

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IceFab ® In Ice Logos & Ice Rink Graphics – High Quality, Digitally Printed Under Ice Logos – Textile Logos for Ice Rinks -IceFab® Fabric Ice Logos – IceFab® Rink Mesh Ice Logos – IceFab® Ice Logo Stencils – Ice Media, Textile Logos, Fabric Ice Logos, Ice Stencils, In-Ice Advertising, Ice Logos & Ice Painting. Reusable ice rink identification for center ice logos.

DDI Signs ® is a leader in providing innovative and creative solutions to the Sports Industry. Offering a complete line of products specifically designed for in ice logos, sports floor logo markings and basketball court graphics. Our sports logo stencils and paper pounce patterns have been used on the ice rink, hockey rinks, gym floors, basketball floors, fitness floors, rec centers, hallways, concourse flooring, arena steps, concrete flooring and many types of sports flooring.

Making Your Visions Come To Ice

We are  always looking at new and innovation signage solutions. Take a step in the right direction and let our sign experts help you with your next “ice rink signage” project. Call us at 757-593-8580 or email us at [email protected]

Ice Logo Stencil Pounce Pattern

We produced this paper pounce ice stencil for the Washington Capitals Center Ice Logo. Large logos are printed in tiled panels, panels are then taped together to make the giant pattern. The Ice Stencil is then put in position and the pattern is pounced with a chalk bag. The chalk is transferred to the ice surface. When ice stencil is removed a chalk outline is left for hand painting.


Please see our Submit Files page for complete file guidelines.

  • For Ice Logo Stencils we need VECTOR files– Adobe Illustrator Ai, EPS or Corel Draw.
  • All files must have fonts converted to outlines.
  • Properly converted vector files are preferred because there is no image degradation when enlarged.