Customized Surfboards offer a unique way to promote your brand!

Custom Branded Surfboards

Custom Branded Surfboards

Tired of the same old options for promoting your brand or event? Or maybe you are looking for a step up in branding that reflects positively on your image? Our custom branded surfboards are ride-able pieces of art.

Fusing Old School Techniques with Modern Day Technologies

DDI Signs surfboards are hand shaped and glassed by professionals, not mass produced by a machine. Our graphics are a combination of a specialty printed inlay material, hand painted rails, pin striping and airbrush work.

Surfboard resin being applied to a hand shaped fun surfboard with printed inlay.

Surf the advertising waves with a branded board.

At DDI Signs we specialize in custom branded surfboards. Our clients have used this unique form of advertising to promote their brand in Restaurants, Bars, Retail Stores, Corporate Offices, Music Events, Trade Shows and as Home Decor.

Customized surfboard with branding logo

This is a custom branded surfboard that we did for a client that uses it at special events and tradeshows. This particular board is called a Fun Board. It is very popular with our customers because it has the look of a long board but is smaller size. Also, it provides a nice shape for displaying logos and graphics.

DDI Signs customized surfboard with branding graphics

Here is another example of one of our branded surfboards for a Beer Distributor. They provided restaurants and bars with these strategically placed for a one-of-a-kind display.

Custom Surfboards Made for Your Home or Office

In addition to promotional surfboards, we custom make real Surfboards for your use or to be displayed in your home or office. The “Surfs Up” Short Surfboard was produced for our client to display in their office and at dog shows that they competed in.

Below is a long board that the customer wanted his favorite photo. The board has a wooden pattern to it but is not made of wood. The surfboard was displayed in a rental home they owned.

At DDI Signs we can make a custom surfboard for you personally or to help promote your brand. Check out our Gallery to see more examples of our work. If you would like to get a quote, please contact us with your ideas or requirements.