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We make just about any kind of sign that you can dream of. However, we have a few products that we are especially fond of and enjoy producing. Since we have been around for a long, long time, we have developed some Innovative Branded Specialty Signs and Signage Solutions.

Here is a list with quick links to the product pages containing details and photos.

Our Repeatz Brand of Custom Backdrop Banners have been around for close to 30 years. We offer Professional Backdrop Banners for TV & Media Events. 

Repeatz Professional Backdrop Banners & Displays >

Repeatz Personalized Step and Repeat Special Occasion Banners >

After spending years hand lettering the dasher boards at ice rinks, we developed our DasherAds brand advertising decals. Sporting a special cold temperature adhesive and conformable vinyl. We offer three options depending on your rink situation and use.

DasherAds Pro Dasher Board Advertising Decals >

DasherAds Extreme Dasher Board Advertising Decals >

DasherAds Standard Dasher Board Advertising Decals >

Around the same time we were  hand painting ice rink dasher boards we were doing the back breaking work of painting logos under the ice surface. Not only did our backs hurt, ten plus hours on ice is not fun. So with the new innovative technology of inkjet printers, IceFab In Ice Logos were born. We were the first to offer Fabric In Ice Logos and Mesh In Ice Logos.

IceFab Fabric In Ice Logos >

IceFab Mesh In Ice Logos >

If you still like to hand paint your ice logos we make

Paper Ice Stencils >



Floor Graphics, Street, Carpet, Concrete & Pavement Decals >

A Ground Breaking Solution for Street Decals & Stickers

Our Floor and Street Decals are an innovative signage solution

At DDI Signs, our floor graphics and floor decals quickly demand attention, garnering the intrigue and appeal that’s needed to help you promote your message—and take the floor.


Floor Decals & Graphics >


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