5 Tips when purchasing a Backdrop for Media Events

It’s time to purchase a Press Conference Backdrop. So, Where do you start? After all the last thing you need is for the cameras to show up and your banner looks terrible. The colors do not match your logo branding. The images are low resolution and look like a blurry blob. Or worse yet, you ordered it well in advance but it is never delivered.

1. Deal with a reputable company

Research who you are dealing with. There are new printing businesses popping up online every day. It is easy to copy what another business is successfully selling, but do they have the experience and knowledge needed to offer quality products?

  • How many years have they been making backdrop banners?
  • Who are their clients?
  • Where is the business located? Are they in the USA?
  • Do they sell imported cheap products?


2. Only purchase quality displays

If you are looking for the cheapest display, then do not expect it to be a quality one. Are replacement parts available?

The fabric the banner is printed on is key. Who wants a display when set up you can see right thru it. Or has an unsightly glare that washes out your brand. Block out Fabric is the way to go here.

Choose a display that is easy to set up and take down. A stand that uses velcro hook and loop or a silicone edge graphic offers a drum-tight wrinkle free graphic. Pillowcase Banner Displays offer unique displays with curves, waves, and straight walls. This is really important if you are traveling with the stand. Vinyl banners have to be rolled and can not be folded.

3. Be careful of ridiculous 1 day or same day shipping claims

Quality products take a time to design and produce. The only way a company can offer this is if they limit the materials and displays that can be purchased. Most of the time when you read the fine print, it is really not next day shipping. Nine times out of ten there are astronomical shipping fees that they apply.

If you plan on purchasing a backdrop for media events, find out from the vendor how much time it takes to produce and ship. Most of the time it takes longer to properly design a backdrop than to print it.

4. Designing the banner for the use

You have to have a properly designed press backdrop to maximize your brand. Consider if people are going to be sitting or standing in front of the banner. Will the media be close up or far away? Proper sizing and spacing of logos is key to awesome photo ops. For example, if you are going to have cameras close up and far away during the press conference, you may want to have some larger logos at the top and alternate with smaller logos at the bottom. Nothing is more frustrating that seeing a backdrop banner and you can not read a single logo that is on it.

5. Make sure the proper files are being used

How do companies offer the cheapest backdrop available? They cut corners. An example of this is a company that lets you submit files that you designed to their site that goes straight to print. Be warned, they will print the file exactly as you sent. Even if it is not in the proper file format or has low-resolution images. As part of your purchase, it should include a proof for your approval before the banner is printed. A reputable printing company will look at your file and let you know if it will not print correctly.

Does the company offer Pantone color matching? As you know this is crucial for your branding. Nothing is worse than seeing your logo with the wrong colors, or a sponsor mad because their logo looks hideous.

Ultimately, if you stick to these tips you will end up with a Press Backdrop that grabs attention and projects your brand in a positive light. If you are interested in more information on press conference backdrops can help your business click here >