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Splash your logo across the stage with our high quality band backdrops. Band & Stage banners in mesh, fabric, scim, canvas and vinyl. Portable display stands.

DDI Signs ® – Your Band Backdrops & Stage Banners Specialist!

Band Backdrops, Stage Banners and Band Scrims

High-Quality Band Backdrops & Stage Scrims

We offer several kinds of band banner materials and displays. Mesh Scrims, Vinyl Block Out, Fabric and Canvas.

Band Backdrops & Stage Banners

DDI Signs has been providing Stage Banners & Band Backdrops since 1993. We have giant display stands that are portable. Whether you need a banner for your band or for a special event stage we can design and produce what you need. Below is a list of some of our more popular Banners and Displays.

Mesh Stage & Band Banners

Pop Up Fabric Stage Banners & Band Backdrops