A new twist on the Selfie Photos craze!

You know you take them, admit it. Well why not use selfie spot decals to promote your brand, business or event in an especially unique manner. Mark the spot you want patrons to take photos with a decal and your logos, backdrop or landmark you want exposed on social media is in the background.

Selfie Spot Decals

Innovative and cost plus way to promote your brand thru social media using Selfie Spot Decals

Seems like almost everyone is taking them. So why shouldn’t you capitalize on the Selfie photo craze today. DDI Signs is always looking for new and especially relevant ways to get your logo, business or brand in the spot light and “Selfie Spot Decals” is our newest most notable brand innovation.  Direct perspective customers or fans to a location that when photos are taken your logo, brand or business is in the emphasized in the background. Then sit back and wait for the social media exposure and benefits.

DDI Signs Selfie Spot Decals mark the spot

Imagine that you own a Cafe and you want to increase traffic. Why not place a selfie decal on the sidewalk in front of your store window. Your window is in the background and is branded with your logo. Your “selfie spot decal” can have hashtag or website info for posting the photos, creating instant social media content.

Or maybe you have an event and you want to direct people where to stand for a meet-and-greet in front of a backdrop banner, using our selfie decals in addition to your backdrop offers the solution. Combine this unique idea with our way-finding directional footprint decals for an awesome fan experience.

Selfie Spot Decals can be made from several kinds of materials and can be applied to multiple surfaces.

  • • Eco-friendly and recyclable Aluminum Foil Based Floor Decals
    • Outdoor Concrete, Sidewalk and Asphalt Decals
    • Indoor Removable Floor and Carpet Graphics
    • Temporary Event Decals and Graphics


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